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Monday, October 15, 2018

My Take on Religion , Spirituality, BJP , Rahul Gandhi and Mayawati

 Someone asked me which religion you follow and do you support BJP or congress and why do you think rahul gandhi is not fit and why Mayawati should lead Uttar Pradesh. Like any other person I just pivoted the conversation to movies and music and left it diplomatically. But Diplomacy is not my religion and left me confused about what exactly is my religion. I can simply select the word” Sprituality “ and move out from hustle , because somehow spirituality makes you devoid of any religion and its considered on humanity level , may be mind and spirit level too.   But I can say I am spiritual , I do have Hindu Gods posters at my home  , I do celebrate holi and Diwali  but reasoning for the celebration of Holi is for colors and Diwali is for lights and crackers and that’s the truth.  Apparently my belief system doesn’t agree whether Lord Ram was Lord or Lord Ram actually came back from the exile , and trust me this fact of Ram returning from Exile actually making anyone feel better on Diwali or any other day atleast in current  century …. I am sure it must be a big deal probably when it actually happened but on a personal singular individual level this fact/myth doesn’t impact me.
And Question which was asked is totally about my political allegiance and not about what kind of religion I subscribe to(this is my assumption based on current perceived impressions and knowledge)  but I do want to decode the query into certain keywords 1) Religion  2) Spirituality 3) BJP  4) Rahul Gandhi  and 5) Mayawati .
I am making an agreement in advance that it has nothing to do with others perspective, their religion, their political inclinations and their image in my mind , I will treat them the same  way I used to back in my school time.  What my understanding of religion is limited and I am not talking about any particular reason this is applicable to hindu , muslim or Christian etc .  I strongly believe  when these books were published it was made with best of intentions and these books were based on their level of knowledge.  Then science happened, science or technology  on every subject displayed growth at tremendous rates . My belief is that there is generation gap in religious books and current knowledge  and since there was no version control mechanism existed back then when it was published  people with limited knowledge followed the same ages after ages and it becomes formality.
Religion is a formality for sure , probably it was a belief when it was logical and accepted with resonance to that time period of knowledge  however I cannot comment when it became “faith” . Religion now has more to do with faith . My perception of faith is when one agree upon something or follow something without any logic and reasoning then its  faith . I have seen people doing stupid things because of faith hell If I consider movies seriously  a  suicide bomber  is hell convinced to get some 18 virgin fairies in after life . Religion is driven by faith that’s my statement  but I am a HINDU because I was raised with the same fact that I am hindu  no other religion was offered to me hence I have zero knowledge about other religion .
Some might feel that now I have my chance to choose and follow a religion for them I have a counter question that why should I follow any particular religion, at my truest core I know all these religions are primitive and should need an upgrade , I might agree with few things here and there not because science can confirm it  but It feels right to my common sense.  My common sense also says most of the religious books require different interpretation and un biased one that should be printed and marketed to the people who wants to follow certain protocols , then probably I might read it because my current education and knowledge prepared to compare ,to check reviews and to  check pros and cons , Shelf life of product or service or may be protocols as well.  So whatever others can feel from this post they are free to judge and interpret because it will be from their own impressions and knowledge about life . They can agree to disagree and I perfectly okay with it .
Let me get into deep with it since I have very less knowledge about any religion but I know out of that knowledge I know few things here and there more about HINDU religion . Lets talk about Namaste or Touching the feets  and for these two small examples as well I am not sure whether it belongs to hindu religion or indian culture separately or together. But whatever it Is my common sense accept the logic of showing respect to someone else , my common sense also accepts that one can use hello using gestures by Namaste or Touching the feets for greeting .
  if I go dig that deeper too based on my common sense of religion and spirituality  i can clearly comment why it was implemented at first place . According to hindu culture a life span was divided into brahmcharya, Grahsth ashram , Vana prastha and Sanyas    and social networking has buttons for different concepts, to show the warmth or welcome or to greet someone you can say Namaste  for a typical hello or poke or hey  and for following someone or some guru you have to touch the feets to gather the blessing of that person, usually all the elders back those days were considered full of knowledge and treated as gurus . It was a common concept with better age comes bigger knowledge  and hence the touching of feets thing
Since life span was bifurcated into 4 parts , first phase of brahmcharya was for struggles ,learning , getting knowledge from elders, performing work without the pleasures of emotional connects.  Then people get married and starts their grahsth ashram , produces children , help them in works guide them train them  and then once kids are ready for next level , these people from grahsth ashram move to vanaprastha or moving to a trip to some other place  by doing so they can share their part of knowledge and experiences with others during their tours and returns to home after a certain span of life where they don’t need any earthly pleasures and move to “Sanyas” ashram . By Sanyas means not involving in any activity for earning for family , no social connects and spreading their lifelong experiences, knowledge  and stories to kids and others. The whole point of this information in my mind gives me common sense for that time period when guru or elders are respected for their age and experiences and knowledge gained thereafter.  there is no point of following that concept now since sources of knowledge have changed , evolution has passed through genetics  and we have certain  wisdom by default which was for previous past  generation considered a luxury . Things which were logical back then are no longer acknowledge the current awareness in human beings hence it was eradicated gradually , however it is making fuss for certain benefits to some godmen like people or authoritative kind of people who knows that faith can be used as weapon and a tool to make fool out of people . 
This is also a time when acquiring knowledge and interpretation of same knowledge has variance, people can follow anyone based on their experiences and interpretation , also gurus and teachers have also accepted the fact that financials and presentation also matters irrespective of the level of knowledge they have they just need to pretend that they have solution for the problems one can think of .  But that’s not the point either,availability of knowledge has empowered us to recreate the meanings for any practice or religious activity according to our definition to suit the need.  For someone like me joining hands and touching the feets had different meaning 10 years ago , it was formal, I would like to pretend that I am a nice guy and wanted to show everyone that I am respecting everyone because my agenda was to impress everyone by showing of to a degree where I was once touched a feet of a salesmen because I thought he is some relative of mine coming onto door .  But now , even if I respect someone or not , I join my hand and touch feets of others for completely different reasons, for me irrespective of respect I know joining hands a scientific significance in terms of acupressure and touching of feets help to take control of my ego, I have no shame in touching feets of any one , be it any shape, gender, size and even age… I know the other person has nothing to do with it but I can keep a check on my ego , my attitude is allright  .
Being a hindu doesn’t necessarily means you have to follow what was written centuries ago and who all subscribed to it , I have the will and wit to interpret my version of Hinduism for me  and I don’t need to get into the practices where people are obliged to follow me or my style of Hinduism the same way I also agree to a fact that what I believe in Hinduism will be in my aura , and in my energies and at my genetics it will be passed on to other when the time is right so idea has been floated and evolution has already started  atleast for me being in religion and me being me and hence a hindu.
Spirituality, I believe since science started to dominate and certain gurus got involved with western culture this term” spirituality “ took bigger shame  and may be it is a cooler term for religion or  faction of people who believe there is a higher power don’t know what shape or what religion  but that’s the whole point . People needs someone as mentor, people need someone to guide them , people need some to show around the mall of life or demonstrate the settings of" life  and for that in order to get into alignment of current life model they choose to accept the term” spirituality” . All holy books have the same info written that shows some kind of path  more or less the path is also same , however interpretation again plays a bigger role . According to me if someone is scared to accept any religion and wants to play neutral on the question of religion can simply go with the statement “ I am someone who believes in spirituality” , whole arrangement of this concept is designed in such a way that the leaders around the world help you understand the meaning of holy books in such a  diplomatically  correct way that you tend to choose it logically because it has all the best parts of every religion minus all controversy .
For me anyone who is seeking  , who knows that he/she don’t know about many things can be a spiritual , I am someone who also believes that there is some some superpower who designed the whole universe , some energy is responsible for rules that we see on this current planet … there are rules of whethers, seasons, days and nights. There is a process to everything that exist , everything is finite and quantifiable , everything has a start and an end  except this super power or GOD . I truly believe god is something which has no start and no end , no shape and no boundaries  and same is also true for spirits or energies.  No one has ever got to know shapes of spirits and energies   so being spiritual is to accept the current arrangement and design of power engine or energies or spirits . When you are able to understand spirit you will get closer to god .  Music or sound also don’t have shape it is what we perceive , same is for air and same is spirits  beyond logic and beyond reasoning  . So faith has always been like that it is only a perceived belief , a belief without logic and reasoning. Faith is totally contradictory to knowledge , but knowledge is catching up , and it is catching up fast  the whole point of spirituality is to gather the knowledge about something that we don’t know it yet , when we do not know ,we seek and when we seek  we expand our boundaries and the goal is to reach beyond boundaries , it will be a long process might take some more centuries but gradually it is bound to happen and our spirt will merge with super spirit (read aatma ka param atma mein milan) , by reverse calculation it is also true if we  are going to get merged with the super energy to become wholesome energy , we are actually part of that super energy right now its just that we are distributed heavily  to smallest unit which we may call it an atom. Its ironic whatever we see around ourself be it any living or non living thing are just collection of atoms and atom itself consist of electron proton and neuton  and no one knows  how they move inside an atom but they  are . Electon , proton and neurton carries positive charge , negative charge and null (devoid of charge) . Postive charge is creation and negative charge is destruction and inbetwen them a  null charge to provide the organisation of balance , so going by this logic GOD is pretty much the same thing , G- giver, O for organiser and D for Destroyer , hence brahma , Vishnu and Mahesh ( according to HINDU religion) So brahma’s job is to create, Vishnu’s job is to organise or provide balance and Mahesh’s job is destroy or consume things  by this logic science has already validated the logic of GOD through functioning of GOD. And Science has already provided another statement in “ the whole energy of whole universe is constant and it can only change from one form to another and equilibrium or sum of this energy will always remain constant or One.  This scientific statement also validates the point of “Aatma ka Param-atma mein milan”  , if we call aatma or spirit  get merged  into super spirit or param aatma   then param aatma or super spirit or super energy is a constant or wholesome or one.
Our goal is to reach to a point where we get merged into super energy and be with the one , become devoid of boundaries and for the one need to follow the process of seeking and hence the spirituality.
Since I have answered above two points about religion and spirituality , it will be easy to elaborate rest of the three points i.e. BJP, Rahul Gandhi and Mayawati.  I have already established the definition of Faith ,which is something devoid  of logic and reasoning  now let me give you definition of Foolishness, a fool is someone without logic and reasoning.  Despite Faith and Stupidity or Foolishness has same definition people will not accept the fact that they are or they have what call “faith”. It happens with every  political party because they cannot see them as humans , they bifurcate humans , they create boundaries , they use the name of god to take away from God.
Yes that’s the point , Political parties will use the names of God by taking you away from God, anything or anyone who is trying to limit you or trying to keep you in boundaries is taking you far from god . Using the term GOD if you are seeking humanity first otherwise everything is fine , it is also a way to live life , it is not necessary to know why are we here and what is our ultimate goal , stay in present live the moment and live life as it happens but then as well political allegiance will cause some turbulence and sometime without any reason . the term stupidity is justified when you have or have not carry any political luggage because people are ready to accept that there is third aspect as well , one cannot stay with the concept of dichotomy , there is not just black and white , there is not just heads and tails, there is not just male and female , there is not just yes and no  . Confusion and clarity both exist  inbetween that we have peace ,  we have neutron apart from electron and proton,  there is yes , no and may be.  Glass can half full and half empty only if you are looking from sides, there are perspectives, there are different data points that exist  which is also a reality . Political parties uses perspectives to make people follow them , BJP also does that, pervious parties did that in past and some other parties are looking up to BJP to follow the lead.  Just because I am hindu , I am not automatically going to vote BJP .  Since I have lesser knowledge about BJP when compared to religion I clearly don’t know whether I am in favour of BJP or not . That’s the grey are for me , a maybe from my end.  Maybe I like BJP because of ideologies presented or actions performed and may be I don’t like the BJP because I am a hindu . A True hindu would never force discrimination based on caste , if that’s the ideology I support BJP
However not the same for Rahul Gandhi , wherein I agree with the concept of Faith for his followers and congress but Data points available proves that congress can do better in terms of their leadership , I think Rahul Gandhi is a carrying the political baggage more than anyone else in whole india , but doing one thing too often will make something out of it leader isn’t the one that I am sure of . Congress has better bench strength as compared to what is offered to common people like religion and religious books some names and concepts are obsolete , the same can be said for “Gandhi’s” legacy .  Gandhi is only valued because of the imprint on the currency no one actually bothers what he did and what he didn’t, it doesn’t matter to anyone anymore. So my stand Rahul Gandhi is clear , he is not my PM or leader as on date 15th October 2018 , may be in future he gathers knowledge and demonstrate skills to prove the worthiness of it till then I have a clear cut no for his application .
For Mayawati,  like every other political leader she is using the name of Late Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar for her own benefits ,  Dr. BR Ambedkar was her replacement of God and religion in her polical strategy , it worked once but with current available knowledge it is not going to work . When mayawati had chance as a CM to the state of UP she misused the power  to her own benefits , she had a complete term to make things equal to everyone, and this is also a debatable topic when she had power she could’ve floated the idea of equality among the different which still believes that they are dalit because of caste.  For my understanding in india , everyone is dalit because of finances and knowledge and not because caste, if someone is in denial no can help it , Dr. BR Ambedkar solved the problem with far more lesser power than mayawati when he got the chance.
Mayawati is making use of faith for wrong reasons, she never demonstrated the actuall  upliftment of humanity  nor her previous data points supports the claim that she actually intended to the something about it , The said “Lower Caste” is not lower because of the surname , it is the invisible leash that is causing the harm which is also true for so called “higher caste”. People need to understand  knowledge is power what one chooses to do with knowledge and power is similar to the actions done by Dr. BR Ambedkar and Mayawati.  It is again totally dependent on perception and interpretation , people need to fight their own battles inside their own mind .
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