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Monday, April 18, 2011

Type 4 AC joint Injury aur Meri Bankey lal Zindagi !!!

Here I am , this is me , back in action with new life , thanking god for giving me another life, endured another excruciating injury though took more than 3 months to get back to a operative state with 50 % of fitness.

Sawaal- ki mujhey akhir kya hua tha??

Jawaab:- I had a bike accident though my bike didn't have a single wound but my right shoulder opened like a sunflower, according to my medical reports I have Type 4 AC joint dislocation of my collar bone from my right shoulder which is caused by excessive pressure on my joint, Ligaments permanently damaged, can't be mended , so ab mujhe dawa ki nahi dua ki zarrurat hai!!!

According to astrologers and my mom, my” ketu” grah ( yeh ek baar mil jaaye isko maine nahin chodna)is at wrong places, and Saturn is inferior to Jupiter that’s why had this injury , situation would remain the same for next 1.5 years . As a solution to it , I am wearing one Topaz gold ring .

Now why my life is analogous to bankey lal , so as we all know bankey lal is a comic character , whatever he does yields opposite events as intended earlier. The only difference is whatever I am doing results in injury, you all would laugh when I will tell you the “mauka-ae- vardaat”( location of accident). I was coming out of a mall parking and was about to return the parking ticket , when my bike and obviously me got dis-balanced and I fell over right side of my bike, resulting in excessive pressure on my right shoulder , so this was it, no body can imagine how a man can fall , and can have such major injury.

Life Post to injury:-

The most critical part was the pain and compromises after three days of my injury treatment, I was sleeping in landscape mode, I was not able to get up from my bed by my own, required help even for toilet and was on dry cleaning( the best part nahana nahin pada) mode for complete one month.
Friends were calling me , asking me about the injury , I was not able to talk, pain was everywhere especially sneezing!!! it was curse,agonizing life. I was not even able to sleep,any turn costed me a night sleep.

According to doctors , it would take 3 years to get normalized, no bike, no gym, no badminton, no cricket, no dancing and some other things as well that can't be done till sufficient strenght is not developed in shoulder.

I am now more cautious towards everything and everybody , thought i am slow  but still effective and today I am using my right hand to type this post and I know lucky I am to use my right hand for th right cause!!!
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