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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Let's talk about death

Let’s talk about death
It’s been a historical mystery of all time that kept prevailing from forever, had a buzz till now .People are dying by natural deaths, accidental deaths, planned and unplanned death  but the question is still unanswered  what happens after death or why we die?
When I was a kid , I was among those science fascinated young scientists(obviously in hearts) with special theories and hypothesis of their own and discovery channel was launched , news papers started the completely new section for science news  and sci-fi tv programs pushed my young mind for thinking and relating things with each and everything.
So one fine day I saw a program on discovery regarding Qui( pronunciation=chi) , its from Chinese civilization kind of yoga, consist of fluidic movement of body  with control on stretches, which helps us regulating the flow of energy in human body. Than I studied a law from  newtons  i.e.  energy  can neither be created and nor be destroyed , it can only be changed from one from  to another  and than I studied Maganatism is physics, there I studied about attraction, repulsion , centre of gravity and neutralization.than I studied equilibrium everything in this world is considered to be stable or fine if it is in equilibrium,every body in this world has its own equilibrium and always tries  to attain equilibrium infact this world also tries to attain the state of equilibrium.
Being an Indian, we are raised with loads of Gods and loads of fascinating mythological stories which had no logic when it was told but started to make sense with the growth of me and my science knowledge.
Back than I  was able to relate mutations from genetics to all the mythological stories,  was able to relate so many science experiments  with stupid rituals  and magic of societies   at that period of time I came up with concept of death,astrology and premonitions. 
“ Every human being in this world along with every object of this universe be it living or non living carries its own centre of gravity, and its centre should be maintained throughout for the well being of any object, and whenever this centre of gravity shifts its position  any body would not find itself not at ease and hence disease  , and to maintain the equilibrium ,immune system tries to heal the body  to ensure the centre of gravity is at centre..
Now when we talk about gravity ,we are talking about a force of attraction or repulsion and hence magnetism.
Also we can also say gravity is an energy, and whenever this energy decentralize  it causes some kind of dis-ease and  as the energy only shifts from one form to another , it will always remain at equilibrium .
So whatever I wrote is just a hypothesis with whole loads of complexities  and may be the experession vocabulary is also  not upto my own standards  but while writing this complex article I  am totally different phase of my thinking.  So let me get back to my hypothesis.
Why we die? Why we feel diseased?
Whenever any energy shifts takes place , it will try to attain equilibrium  and maintain equilibrium some effort or force is required , now I am getting into too much physics to explain this  .
We can assume this whole earth as permanent magnet   or as a total energy or may be just as whole 1. Having said that we can say the total energy of this universe is constant  i. e 1  and it can only be changed from one from to another   say    A+ B= 1  and A= B-1 but energy is always 1.
This whole energy can be termed as parmatma, almighty , the god ,total power ,whole energy and its portion of energy can be termed as atma, living being,temporary magnet,souls ,spirits and power  and whenever someone die it simply means their energy is decentrailized and it can’t be centralized and to maintain equilibrium it would get back to the source   or we can say that temporary magnetic field of human body is neutralized  by the permanent magnet.
Similarily  you can explain astrology with magnetism and newtons law for every action there is equal and opposite reaction.  That’s why celestial bodies, stones,gems,colors, objects and directions , colors everything which can carry or posses energy or magnetic field can change the action and reaction .
Though this is not so unique  but death still require some concrete explanations.
To be continued…

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