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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Jab tak hai jaan review

Jab Tak Hai Jaan makes life look easy. So easy that a self proclaimed 25-year-old, who looks 40, gets to kiss a girl who seems to have walked out of Vogue. You also believe that the latter, despite all her Mercedes and Gucci glory, can’t keep her hands off a waiter who has an annoying habit of speaking like he is perpetually in an art of living class.
Life’s so easy, that you can walk straight into an army camp in Ladakh in barely visible hot pants and prance around shooting, presumably stuff, while there are people detonating bombs all around you. Also, if you have legs like Anushka Sharma’s, you belong to a curiously privileged class who can dance around in beach volleyball attire while goats, men and children around shiver through layers of winter clothes.
A still from Jab Tak Hai Jaan. Image courtesy: Yash Raj films.
You can also go from being freeloading floozies to Michelin-starred restaurant owners in no time, you can lose and get your memory back pretty much the same way you get back an iPod forgotten in the shorts pocket, and you can jump from age 25 to age 35 without half a cell on your face withering.
Logic is the biggest casualty ofJab Tak Hai Jaan, yes. Like, of course it is, in any Yash Chopra film. So what you get is a bit of a Veer Zaara, only re-packaged with taller women with hotter legs.
Shah Rukh Khan here is Samar Anand. The film opens to tell you he is the Michael Phelps of bomb disposal in the Indian Army. We, predictably, are in Ladakh where SRK whooshes in, in all his week-old stubble and aviator glory to defuse a really dangerous bomb. With the kind of intensity one shows while restarting a PC, he picks on this wire and that, and whoops the bomb’s arse – or so says the thundering background music.
Cut to Anushka Sharma – she with her washboard abs, endless legs and holding a perfect cover-girl pose in a bikini in Ladakh – who is an aspiring documentary filmmaker assisting a Discovery Channel crew. She is also called Akira Rai. (Cue to gush,  ’How quirky!’.)
So sidekick heroine stumbles upon hero’s diary, where he has written down his 10-year-old love story, presumably with the lyrics of the songs he had sung with his girl and details of  all the places they had made out in. Since this is India, you don’t cry kiss-and-tell, you call it a Yash Chopra film. Filmmaker Rai then bamboozles her way into the high-security Army camp to shoot a documentary on Mr Kick-ass bomb disposer, does cool military-ish stuff while managing to sport a perfect blow dry hairdo and also falls in love with hurt-in-love hero. Oh by the way, hero’s ex-girlfriend, Meera – Katrina Kaif with an absolutely drool-worthy wardrobe – had left him ten years back. When Anand had an accident, Meera made a promise to Sir Jesus (cute god-next-door names for Jesus Christ), that she would dump her boyfriend if God makes sure that he lives. Hero lives. She dumps him, because she has promised God she will. And yes, you’re reading this right.
You don’t question how a documentary titled ‘A Man Who Cannot Die’ have people gushing about it London. It’s important for the story to move on you realise. So, cynical Discovery people have to make sure that Akira was not shooting a Bollywood extra and demand bomb-stud Major turn up in London. He does, is knocked down again and lands up in a hospital again. This time, however, he doesn’t lose a girl. He loses ten-year’s worth his memory. And a lot  of drama, sad song singing and cheesy dialogue throwing ensues. And goes on till the film ends. And by the time it does, entry rules in Army camps in India have been successfully established as being as stringent as those in coffee shops, so the climax doesn’t take you by surprise.
It’s probably rude to bad-mouth the dead. But even the highest amount of respect for Yash Chopra cliches can’t make Jab Tak Hai Jaan less of a burden on its viewer. If Shah Rukh Khan lip synching to a Rabbi song every now and then is not annoying enough, Chopra seemed to have completely lost the plot with the dialogues this time. The only times you’re reminded you’re watching a 2012 film and not some Rajesh Khanna-ish flick of the seventies is when Anushka Sharma talks like an average 21-year-old.
Unlike in a Dil To Pagal Hai from fourteen years back, you can no more sell Shah Rukh Khan as a traffic stopping dancer. Jumping around while juggling a fedora cannot be passed off as hot anymore. A Katrina Kaif in grunge glory and her new-found post-Sheila dancing oomph, for company, doesn’t help Shah Rukh Khan’s case either. And no amount of bronzer can make him look 25, which you are told he is for one whole half of the film.
You have seen everything Jab Tak Hai Jaan has many times before, just in other films. And probably with far better music than AR Rahman threw into this one.

Do Good, Be Good  and Good Karma to all


Love SMS said...

Dear Yash Chopra Ji, Why did you wasted 3 hours of my life on auspicous occassion of Deepawali. I was enjoying a day vaccation off on deepawali (in Canada, no Diwali holiday). Suddenly, a noble idea occured me to watch your last movie in the nearby theatre. Unluckily, i got the ticket and was assigned a seat in middle of other people (equally unfortunate like me). The movie started, and from very first scene I was transferred to the golden era of movies like Kisna, Yadein and Prince . I was told in the various scenes repeatedly that SRK is 25 years old and other actresses are of 21 years. Such was the impact, that I really started believing in that. I was told that great SRK worked as a snow remover worker, fish seller in fish market, and waiter at night in the movie. Hold your breath than slowly he also graduated in the genius electronic thespian and army head of bomb diffusion squad. With all these qualifications he start loving the girl (read Katrina) from a multi billionaire family (read Anupam Kher , with extra unkempt curl in his hair). Then started an unending saga of torturing western dances and long songs. They slept together and then our hero meets an accident. Our heroine promises Sir Jesus , that she will not meet our beloved dying hero if Sir Jesus saves his life from accident. Please trust me, this all happened within 5 minutes on the roadside only on the accident site. Then our hero goes back to India and meets Anushka (who is still suffering from Band regards, Sandeep ss

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