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Monday, October 1, 2012

I loved my father

I loved my father a lot , i never told him but i loved him a lot. when he is no more in this world, i started to miss him like anything. I was watching Dasvidania -the movie  a little while back and now i co- relate how my father completed his last wishes before his death.This blog is dedicated to my father Late Mr. Akhilesh Dutt Sharma S/o Late Mr. Rajendra Dutt Sharma S/O Late Mr.Krishan Swaroop Sharma S/O Late Mr. Dwarka Prasad Sharma.
My father died because of cancer that's what we can conclude but i don't know there were other things involved in his death. Prior to his death i was not so superstitious or a believer of God, but post his death i certainly understood the fact that you can never see it coming . My father was a healthy , smiling and ever expressive human being in April 2012 and lost to death in July 2012 . He use to tell me always that i will remember his words after him, but i never took them seriously back then , but now i cant change the inevitable fact that i have no one above me to call father . I have lost that feeling of security in my life , now i have to think twice for every step i take in life, because you never know what unfolds in front you in life.
The day before his death. he wanted to meet me and i told my mother that i will reach within 3 days and now i will regret throughout my life that my father wanted to meet me and i was not able to reach there on time probably i had a minute chance to save my father  but i cant to anything now.There is a void which is created in my family and now i really value relations and relationships more than ever.
I don't know what to write now for my father , all i can say that i was not there when he was in need  and all i am left with memories . All i can do is to tell others that start valuing your family and life, because you never know which one can fall short ...

do good , be good and good karma to all

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