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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Rishi Dutt Sharma:- An Yearly Report(2011)

Rishi Dutt Sharma:- An Yearly Report(2011)


  1. Subject realized the worth of a Family
  2. Subject understood the limitations of his body
  3. Subject thoroughly believes that one should never lend money to a friend
  4. Subject experienced downward trend in career , health and wealth
  5. On the contrary year under examination can be treated as best in context of relationship and family values.
  6. Subject's mental status can be followed and backtracked by his facebook updates

Prior starting of the year 2011,Subject posted a convincing new year resolution, though there are plenty of reasons and excuses can be documented for describing the implementation failures from the subject.
Subject can be identified easily by his complexity, innovations, talkativeness, spontaneous decisions
and his face-book presence. Subject is still human in terms of species and popularly known as “Rishi Dutt Sharma”, RDS”, “RDX”, and Rishi Sir....

Please find below(PFB) the detailed report for the year 2011

Health 2011

Although subject's life had major series of unfortunate events but year 2011 AD has its special importance. This year subject had one major bike accident in first quarter(sheer bad-luck)(though bike had nothing to do with it) resulted in a AC type 4 injury in his right shoulder , a lump and after effects of the injury are still visible. Second quarter was exclusively spent on bed plus rest though post accident injury effects persisted. Third quarter can be considered as a perfect recovery phase until his birthday happened. Subject's bad-luck persisted on his birthday as well, when his birthday celebration turned into a nightmare when a small part of cherry entered into right ear of the subject during Cake Facial event of Birthdays courtesy a devil friend. Last quarter for the subject is the unluckiest of the all as at an age of 26 , agent is diagnosed of with High BP, Eiosinphillia and hyper-uremia , according to doctor’s its because or unhealthy , unbalanced and untimely diet so these are lifestyle diseases and he should stop the intake of alcohol, caffeine, butter/ghee and salt also he should decrease the use of sugar effective immediately. According to the sources subject is nowadays working out , doing yoga and taking proper and regular medications.

Career 2011

Since 2008 , Subject had as many as 6 promotions but 2011 never had such story , although subject considers himself lucky as he is still working. Subject hardly worked for 6 months this year and not among deserving contender to get promoted next year however if subjects manages his past performance during first and second quarter of 2012 with same passion, same energy , same consistency , same charm and effectiveness like 2008-2009 the he can expect some good news .

Wealth 2011

Year 2011 is the year can be considered as the year of least inflow and maximum outflow for the subject, due to bad health inflow was less and due to some “so called Friend“ uncontrolled outflow .
Yet subject would require strong measures to recover his hard earned money. Although Subject is now more aware and would not repeat his mistakes from his past but impact of 2011 will surely affect first and second quarters of 2012 as well. God Bless the Subject.

Relationship 2012

Year 2012 can be considered as the best one for the subject in this context as he was able to identify the exact value of relationships. Subject now can differentiate between acquaintance, friends and family. Subject mentioned below mentioned lines for friends and acquaintance in his FB post Subject says if u need a friend (text me) need a laugh (call me) need a hug (stop by) need money (this number is no longer in service) .Subject also discovered his true love in-fact love discovered the subject at the most crucial times when he needed the most. According to the reports subject is getting engaged in January and will marry soon...

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