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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Dilemma of an ambitious boy

Dilemma of an ambitious boy
As we all know that my blog title is complexity unlimited, which is justified one way or other on regular basis now and we all also aware the meaning of Dilemma , obviously it is a subset of Complexity indirectly when complexity is treated as a human trait.
Well when I am talking about an ambitious boy that directly or indirectly refers to me only and please don’t consider this blog as an attempt for a self praise, but I am seriously expecting some real good practical suggestion on my dilemma.
So my dear friends or readers (it feels good every time though only few people are reading ma blog) here is my problem.
“I want to perform skill up gradation, for that I should join any leading business school either is India or abroad”!!

So above stated one liner problem is the main cause or the origin of my dilemma. Let me quote down in points what are the issues here to support above stated my one line
  • 1)      I was born on 5th of August 1985 and 1:55 PM and today is 25th Jan  2011 and 6:55 PM , this means  I am  25 years ,5 months and 20 days and 5 hours old  and still using points to understand my dilemma. If I am planning my MBA I should start at max age of 27 and finish that off in 29 , get 1 year of experience  at an age of 30 , get married at an age of 31,.Sound s practical and picture perfect planning at the same time.
  • 2)      According to my monthly salaries, I am getting 50 k to 60 k every month including all taxes paid status, and 3 years of work experience and 6 promotions in resume can back me up strongly for a stable future.
  • 3)      For last 30 salaries that I received yet , I never happened to save a penny  and I don’t have the clue ,where exactly I spent it , which actually reflects how idiot I was and not sure about the  current status as well. But now  that I have realized that this is the time , whatever I want in my future requires planning today and right now.
  • 4)      As I am getting decent salary, it would not be a bad expectation  if I’ll get atleast  30% hike after completion of an MBA, I guess  it makes sense, because the way I am growing , I will get at least 30 % hike anyways if I’ll continue my job only.
  • 5)      The salary I am expecting can be provided by some reputed business schools only, these schools requires entrance examinations , in which fierce competition is a small word, and the way I am devoted to my job, it might sound an excuse that I don’t have time to prepare for such fierce examination , so I need to figure out some alternatives.
  • 6)      As an alternative, I have discovered one college In gurgaon, that also has competition but not of a traditional kind where your qualitative aptitude and quantative aptitude is the decider, now the problem is the couse fees, it’s some kind of tailored business program for 1 year and cost would be 9.5 lakhs and I will not end up on a MBA degree though some equivalent certification of diploma.
  • 7)      I am a resident of gurgaon now, the lifestyle which I posses require some decent amount of money, if I plan all kind of cost cutting measures still would end up on near about 17k PM , which is pretty disappointing but true.
  • 8)      After the investment of over 12 lakhs and a year, there is a risk involved in it, obviously its related to the returns and results afterwards and post impacts of having education on loan over my head.
  • 9)      12 lakhs  is not an easy task to manage already , I can get a student loan of around 7 lakhs if I am lucky, rest 5 lakhs still require “sehyog (support)from family and friends”
  • 10)   The suggestions what I am getting are really stupid but sound practical and cheap, but sounds achievable at the same time, some of them like

a)      I should get married to some village girl or a girl from UP/Bihar, and I would not require loans if this happens, coz the amount of property I have , the salary I am getting and the reputation of my dad  on evaluation can fetch me a  Groom development fund of around 30-40 Lakhs atleast. Though it is unethical in my books and I am the one who initiated the programs in against of it , so plan cancelled.
b)      I should perform some kind of “ghotala” like  bunty bubli type frauds, and I don’t have any bubli to support my frauds , so this plan is also cancelled, also I am straight I can involve bunty  in this plan.
c)       I should plan for Kaun banega crorepati or should participate in such kind of program, may be I can get lucky.

Don’t know what to do friends kindly suggest , I want to study once again , all I need is a way to do it and to complete It successfully  with effective results……..


Deepika said... ready for d bubbly part ;P..

Neha Agarwal said...

you not going for further studies.....for sure.... the way u seem committed to ur job and work... u cannot join any regular course for sure....

P.G. said...

humorous indeed ,dost my suggestion go for a bihari girl you will get atleast 50 Lakhs ka dahej atleast. but the talent you are and charm you posses , you can collect this money by your own, just work for another year, save the money and sail through.

Aliksparker said...

Gyan Guru nahin Love Guru hain aap..

Simi said...

U still hav dis MBA thing in mind.. The way u r workin n unmanageable twiddling shifts, i dont think so u can try MBA now. If u r seriously looking into it, den forget 50k or 60k luxury n prepare for MBA n go for it otherwise marry some nice gal not dat dahej wali.