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Sunday, December 26, 2010

New Year Resolution

Hey  Folks

I am officially declaring my resolutions  for the coming year

1) I will perform atleast two certifications.
2) I will prepare for management entrance examinations .
3) I will ensure my regularity to my gym.
4) I will ensure that i will write blog on motivation, complexities, critics  and logically explainable topics but not based on my personal life.
5) I will ensure that i will buy a car by the end of coming year .
6) I will ensure that i will go for a good holiday outside my country atleast once this year.
7) I will ensure that i will become a bit of selfish  and i'll keep my priority above than others
8) I will no longer be a Gyan Guru or a  problem this coming year.
9 ) I will buy good clothes for me in every three months .
10 ) i will perform an investment of atleast two lakhs as  pure saving the coming year, apart from all these specified  resolutions.

Rishi Dutt Sharma
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