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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Indian Engineer goes logically senti again

To think of it life's is  going pretty decent, being competent to play  a team leader role on  weekdays and weekends, celebrations exclusive of  friends, life just crossed the transition phase and now in operations, People considers me the most lucky person on the planet , they TRUST my capabilities and i put my heart to justify those,  i am happy dealing my professional life as it has came with real  challenges and now i am actually liking it, i am totally busy these days took an off today after well over 26 days and i am  getting bored at my home, still dont know what i am going to write , but me feeling responsible nowadays (funny but true)

I realize my other blogs the ones on  relations , psychology , emotions and preaching are I’ll begin doing some work on that...also my new books character(hope I would manage a publication for this) keeps coming alive in front of me wanting to be penned down and brought into existence.

quite a few preachy posts have come from me...even if they were nice quotes  and education...which go against my pledge to be a dude and not to do that...bad bad mystique :P

and this is also an adieu of not permanently (and yes i do realize I’m doing this one too many times bringing it dangerously close to be taken as a flippant statement)...well last instance it was coz i was wondering why is it that I’m it is because there has been a tiff with a dear someone and I’m just too hurting right now to write anything other than overly sentimental and highly boring stuff that u wouldn't want to read i'll go mend my heart...and i can reassure u when i come back...the question is still gonna be on air and you   still won’t know the right answer  to reveal.

The only thing that had transformed over these few months is my trust; though trust is a very dicey’s like setting up yourself to trip. I've written about various aspects of trust earlier also in different aspect obviously. Today i cover another aspect...the basis for trusting...

while to a certain extent trust is a matter of risk appetite, trust is also a matter of logical deductions. The whole thing of why you would trust one person with your credit card details and not another.

First let me supply some credentials...i make and reject friends on the net, trains...anywhere. My credit card has been used by many diff people at diff points of time, so when i say i know about trust I’m not exactly speaking from the back of my pants, it’s just an example  expressed in terms of money though it’s totally directed towards somebody and that somebody had  logic to deal with trust on the contrary never had emotion attached to it…

Coming to the funda of logical deductions...what are these logical deductions, its the combined derivative analysis of words, demonstrated actions, situations and inherent play of emotions.

Lets take each of these in part and then in whole:

words: trust me, i love you, it'll be done, it won't happen again

Demonstrated actions: did the person do what she said, did the person do beyond what she promised, did the person undergo an inconvenience in favor of you, were the actions of no personal benefit to that person, when taken a step forward did the person reciprocate

situations: was there a possibility of reasonable doubt, could the situation be considered ambiguous, were there unbiasable evidences to point towards some conclusion

inherent play of emotions: greed, lust, fear. These three can color your own vision as well as that of the person being thought of. In down times or dicey times its usually not the strongest person who will last with you but someone who is not afraid to lose, does not suffer from greed or does not lust; which of course never you need to figure out what that person has greed for, what that person lusts for and what that person fears.

And when you think of all these...together you will be able to logically deduce...what needs to be logically deduced sorry for me being technical again, coz I am an engineer by heart and by blood (thank you grandpa !!!)

An important aspect which could easily slip from your thought, that in all this you are judging the person...not as to how that person is...but there trustability...but u still are judging and one must be conscious of this fact...

while i have given all this gyaan...i've basically seen two kinds of people...people who trust easily and people who find it very hard to trust and its mostly based on their own fears than about the people around them... and the past experiences(mostly from the closest buddies or the opposite gender) 

so after all this piece of useless information which you can't use...i leave you with one nice link and just listen to the song

Watch this , when you are alone, coz I am also alone today , still thinking about fixing some un fixable things , wish I could change something, its like something  gone corrupt and you want it the way it use to be…
Though I already concluded the post, but want to share another thing, this post is just one way to understand the “basis of trust” and emotions cannot be a pillar to it, it has to be logical, and its your brain that process all the information, and brain accepts only logic , and you can always engineer  trust !!!

Do Good Be Good and Good Karma to all….


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Welcome back :)

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