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Monday, September 27, 2010

I Me Myself

I am...the good guy but had my miseries as well( like disadvantages of being a good guy) , though I never had an opportunity to save my heroin from villian and fighting bad guys to save the world without super powers.
I am also...the naughty guy, coz I did what a confused, inquisitive , Imaginative  and complex mind can think  of.
I have just one not do something that will harm others however I’ve been in situations  like “Mr. Bean “ and” Bankey lal” kind of comic situations  with crystal clear intentions which always reflected other wise : (
I can...cook( and cant eat what I cook), play mind  games, write and try my hand at a whole lot of stuff every now and than.

I am...intelligent...but my intelligence is not the pride of the extent of my knowledge but rather an indication of the extent of my curiosity, and trust me its not a self appraisal but a self evaluaiton.
I do not...believe in hiding to gain an advantage...i believe augmentation comes from collaborative growth which works to everybody's benefit and I really mean it  and its working out for me so far.
I do not...believe in capitalism...i don't agree with socialism either...
I am.....extremely spiritual and believes the flow of energy concept and seeking sainthood after my retirement .
I have....a sense of humor which is extremely smart assy and sarcastic...i will not hesitate to make fun of you, your guru’s , your religion or anything about u...I will not feel shy of making fun of anything related to me either… sorry for it in advance, no  hard feelings.
I have no vileness in me...I will not try and impair you (maybe cockroaches but that too only if they make an appearance when I'm having my food)
I have.....complimented girls on their assets and left them jovial and feeling good about it...ofcourse its never easy to get through with this kind of thing and thats why I try it so rarely( so a hard confession!!!)
I feel..... comfortable having chai or a chole kulche on a gurgaon roadside I am at home ordering for sizzling pizza flambed in Cheese  at some of the finest pizza makers like domino’s ….
I am....not one who If you seize with his towel down will get embarassed. I'll probably say Hi and ask you to have a seat while I go get dressed (ofcourse wrapping my towel around in a jiffy, I'm no voyeur either)
I can....easily get nervous...and I know that but I wont reveal it until I want to..
I can...and will talk you down if you dare cross me...and I don't even need to raise my voice for that and most of you already aware about this… ha ha ha
I am not....comfortable receiving compliments...till date I get awkward If i recieve any and I am a lier :)
I can...barely dance....I believe every one has their own inner beat to which they must move...but I'll guide you well...gently but firmly...and I'll sync up with you...if you will, with me and sorry to say it’s the sad part…
I can… sing well… and I know it , when to impact , where to impact and how to impact, still can create a beautiful  panorma and ambience through my singing alone, without increasing the sales of “Zandu Bam”…
I, chick flicks, I even tried my hand at knitting and had one of my neighbour feel shy about it....but I dream of setting up my own buisness like a small dhaba or a hotel chain  , somethng like “chatori gali” with chaat pakori all around.....those are the things that really get me.
I am....not sure If  I am honest or not..but I have never lied  or cheated to get into anybody's  job or role...I have however used quite a bit of charm at times.
I can be.... crude but never rude, have panache but never the stiff mouth
I am.... emotional and sensitve but I have this multiple personality syndrome , dunno exactly which one of me have these two traits so need to check with MOS( check one of my psot on my other side).
I am....a mumma's boy and love you mummy !!!
I am also..... a self made man and I am proud of it, I had a picture perfect life and I really mean it, imagine a  movie where a hero grow to his youth with every piece of restriction and every share of hard time in his past and still end up on somethng leaving everybody amazed of his achievements which were never expected from him, infact which were never feasible for him but he made it!!!
I may speak..... to my friends as 'tu' but never the hotel guard...he will always be 'aap' and truly believes in” Respect to an individual”.
I believe....'balance' is a virtue most people are unaware off and I am among those people as well.
I have....been taught by life the hard way to be...'patient' and  patience is something  which took  almost 24 years and 8 months to make me understand its importance.
I like...working, adding value to the world...however most of what we do...I don't see that as value add
I impressed by what you achieved, how smart you are, how hard working, or how big a victim of life....only by how many smiles you added to this world and how people feel about it …
I like speaking or women...pretty and not so pretty....anybody interesting...I have made conversation with people in buses, trains, flights, in the lift, at the bar, outside a restroom, inside the restroom, waiting in a queue and I just love speaking  that’s why I call myself gyan guru , I have so much to share  and I disperse my knowedge bit by bit…
I am....strongly opinionated....I take a dislike to people who I get wrong vibes off…
I don't people find it so easy to get angry, raise their voice or pick up a fight, or blame others for their own faults , why can’t people just be themselves?...which religion did they study??? So another Why? a big big Why?
I open book...yet within the simple plain cover, hidden in the depths are meanings...most people can never reach... infact no one can reach in near future.
So I am what I am , I am confused , I am complex , but I just love I and I love to use the word “I”.
I am Rishi !!!


deepika said...

Kudos my boy for opening up ur heart n speaking candidly about urself.Had I been a gals mother,my words wud hve been then,"ladka pasand hai"
I like ur chaat gali's idea,work on it please.
See I really like d way u think n d way u have pen down ur thoughts,it requires certain amount of guts and I see no dearth of it in u.Make this ur strength and u sure can do wonders.I wish many fans n followers to u :)
Keep writing.

Anshu said...

To write something is gud nd when it's related to ur own life, habbits nd experiences,help others to understand ur feelings nd emotions as well...
Being ur gud frnd nd follower i come to knw dat u hv a great heart nd mind,which is full of great ideas.I also knw dat u belongs to that community which actually contains 10% people of ur type...SORRY SORRY SORRY:):):)
I think u should try to write a BOOK..seriously,the way u pen down ur ideas is impressive..
take care:)

Anonymous said...

ha, I will experiment my thought, your post get me some good ideas, it's really awesome, thanks.

- Norman

RISHI the gyan guru.. said...

@deepika:- you will surely get some passes for Chatori Gali for sure
@anshu: thanks for appreciating
@ norman:- go ahead dude , you can do wonders...:)

tanu said...

Rishi, you look so sweet