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Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I've been a bad blogger. So much has been going on lately and I've wanted to forget about my emotional stresses so I didn't blog for a while. Well whatever!!! Woof …here I am this is me, again back from the dead .The reason and credit both goes to Mr. Christopher Nolan who recently created a so called master piece known as INCEPTION(the movie).

INCEPTION usually means an event that is beginning, it’s kind of analogous to the seeding phase of a plant, movie actually revolves around a plot that one can get into someone’s mind while dreaming , we can plant an idea in subconscious, which later grows even after one is awake as it is placed in subconscious ,which is a data storage center for one’s mind to keep highly confidential ideas /thoughts. This is the simplest available language to explain INCEPTION.

However movie is not this simple as it reflected in the paragraph above, trust me on this when I returned home after going through these bouncers I actually tried to spin a Latto(top) from Crax toy box just to check that if I am dreaming 

Now if you are planning to watch this movie then you must know the following terminology for the movie, ( it’s like doing homework for the movie coz it is a primer)

1) If you are dreaming inside a dream then it’s called switching levels.

2) Totem:- a device /apparatus/instrument or any memento that allows you to differentiate between a dream and reality

3) Kick:- the way one can use to get out of the dream.It is the shock experienced when unexpectedly falling or striking a surface in their dreams.

4) 10 hours of real world time gives 1 week in the first level dream, 6 months in the second level and 10 years in third level dream.

5) Limbo:- Now this is kind of fictious here , now in movie these dreamers use sedatives to make someone dream ,If one dies before the sedative wears off you just go into a limbo, a worse level or lowest level world of dreams which could signify “infinity” or mind trapped in their indefinitely. By the time you wake up your mind could be twisted and you lose all sense of reality(means you can became pagal).

If you are able to understand these simple thing then you are ready for the movie, movie is about the Leonardo and his team, so he got a job to plant an idea to a very rich person to dissolve his empire,which in turn provide him money and a way back home, as he was accused for his wife’s murder.

Now her wife is dead, just because of an experiment by Leonardo, they were stuck in a limbo for 50 odd years, created their own world meanwhile. Now her wife soon forgets that she is living a dream and start accepting this limbo as reality and doesn’t want to get out of it. At this point, Leonardo decides to plant an idea in her mind that this world is not a reality and we should use a kick to get out of it. Voila!!! She starts believing it and they finally decides to get out of a limbo for using a kick, by laying down on railway tracks.

Both of them wake up together in real world, but here comes a twist, the seed grows older the idea what he planted becomes reality in the real world , as the idea remains there in her subconscious , she thinks if she die she can wake up in reality hence commits a suicide from a hotel room ..Dhadaam!!!

Now getting back to the story, but why should I explain the story to you guys, I was able to understand it clearly at first attempt , I have already explained the plot and its quite easy to understand the movie now …

I am sure ,you all will like the movie, watch the movie as its worth watching, however you may end up bit disappointed as movie doesn’t have the charm like “ the Dark Night” and surely the action sequences are not magical like “ the Matrix”…

But it’s a must watch for an Idea, which will surely increase the sales of Tiger balms if not iodex for the headache you buy after watching this movie…..

My personal recommendation go for it and happy dreaming.!!!!


Do Good Be Good & Good Karma To all 


P.G. said...

Welcome back Mr.Sharma, so its something different from you this time a semi critic in nature , well it is nice to read this, i wish if this post were published earlier , it would've been a lesser pain in my head
i saw inception couple of days back , and i am not able to understand the movie even today , infact i am planning to watch this movie again.
I want to understand what happens in the end because they planned only three levels and they enters further level, how cobb meets saito in the end and was it a limbo???

RISHI the gyan guru.. said...

Yes it was a limbo, because Cobb decided to get Fischer. As Fischer was already in a limbo , as it was subconscious of Cobb , so he was aware from where to pick him up, When Cobb and the girl were in limbo , cobb decides to stay there to get the saito back from limbo as saito was dead a level above as well. The only confusing thing here is both saito and fischer died at the same level but both end up on different limbo, may be cobb wife killed fischer, coz she is the projection of cob;s mind hence ended up in Cobb’s Limbo.

At the beginning and end we see cob wake up onshore because he dies from drowning in level one which resends him into limbo even though he was already there but since he died and was sent there he doesn’t really know that he was dreaming until saito made him realize he was.

At the end the tranquilizer effects turns off ,cobb and saito wake up on the aircraft. Not from killing each other. If cobb was not there to remind saito that it was a dream then when the tranquilizer did wear off saitos mind would be twisted and he would think the aircraft was a dream and want to go back to "reality" this is why it was good for cobb and saito to remind each other that they were in limbo so when they wake up they wouldn’t have messed up minds and then saito could conclude his agreement.

RISHI the gyan guru.. said...

By the way Who are you PG ji ? agar tum priyank nahin to kaun ho????

Anonymous said...

yaar yeh sab padhkar picture ab samajh aayi hai, main to hindi version dekhne ki soch raha tha.

Anonymous said...

Why was this movie named "Inception" and not "extraction"??
Reason: Inception is considered impossible and in the whole they were trying to "Incept" and idea....or rather....The Idea.

Amazing review and explanation Rishi D

RISHI the gyan guru.. said...

Thank you friends!!!

Diksha said...

good work....expect me standing in your competition soon :)

Manu said...

For all those who liked the concept of "Inception", here is a suggestion, go and watch the movie called "Waking life". Its the best movie based on dreams. Directed by Richard Linklater, released in 2001. It explains the concept of "Lucid Dreams", the dreams in which the dreamer is aware that he is dreaming, such dreams can be modified as per dreamers will. It is believed that through such concious dreams a deed like "Inception" can be achieved. There is elaborate research going on, on the concept of "Lucid dreams". "Waking Life" is about an unnamed young man in a persistent lucid dream-like state. He initially observes and later participates in philosophical discussions of issues such as reality, free will, the relationship of the subject with others, and the meaning of life. Entire film was shot using digital video and then a team of artists using computers drew stylized lines and colors over each frame, the technology used in the film gives it an amazing feel. Watch it alone in a dark room, you will feel as if you are in a state of dreaming or decreased conciousness.
People who had a difficult time understanding "Inception",are suggested to first try and understand the entire concept of "Inception", as "Waking life" is a highly intellectual film and explains an extremely complex phenomenon in a complex way. The film also tries to explain some complex philosophical concepts like Existentialism.

Rishi, watch this movie and write a blog on it, I would love to read your observations because this movie is so abstract that everyone can draw his/her own unique inferences out of it.

RISHI the gyan guru.. said...

@Diksha:- see this is how inception works, i just incepted an idea in your mind to create a blog :)
pata hai i miss udisha, she was one of my biggest fan, once she said "aap kab kiske idol ban jaate ho aapko pata bhi nahin chalta" and this was the best compliment jo mujhe mila tha!!!
She was one heck of a reader :)

@nihal:- i'll watch the movie and if it is worth writing for ,i'll make sure you'll get one blog on it .

deepika said...

hey rishi, nice work dude..its always gud to see people resurfacing.and am happy for you..though i havnt seen the movie but thanks to your blog ;) i think i can watch it. pretty neat work this time and thankfully little diverted from your favorite topics of relationships n their pain.. good work, keep it up :)