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Friday, April 2, 2010

30th august 2008, the day all started

"Love is like an hour glass, with the heart filling up as the brain empties, that’s when he became a poet and she became a poem…”

I was cheerful , reached college with no plans whatsoever, regular meetings with some juniors and my seniors, suddenly I got a call on my cell, a known but almost forgotten number, this number flashed after 3-4 months, had her online we planned a sudden meeting at a nearest so called mall , I was rushing out of my college , my juniors were stopping me, but I had to rush , because I wanted to meet her, no offence I always had a soft corner for her, and nobody had the better priority as compared to her, well whatever, we finally met , she was looking stunning (as always but you will need my eyes to admire her eyes) , we were talking like anything , I was talking nonsense , she was equally competing for the similar kind of nonsense, so point is we were roaming here and there ,talking bullshit ideologies and nothing practical, but again I was impressive and she was stunning…

Later that evening the same number again flashed on my cell, luckily I was outside of my house, we again had another stupid conversation resulted in an informal beginning of an affair, god knows how I managed my sleep that night, I must admit, I planned almost everything for my rest of the life, next day I had to reach back Gurgaon, need to report to my office and I was in no mood to leave Moradabad, Moradabad was never been so beautiful then to this fateful day. I wanted to meet her, I wanted to see her face , but I never felt so helpless , this was my first official romantic experience, Well somehow me and my X managed next 13 days over the phone only , she had her own restrictions of home but still she managed 2-3 calls daily till I planned another trip to Moradabad, we planned our first official date, she had her practical or something , and In old town some “ juloos or some pad- yatra “ for some minister was scheduled but neither me nor she was aware of it, she called me at the same mall at 12:30 , I was there at 12:00 never wanted myself to be late on my first date, and I was waiting for her and trust the only thing which she actually helped me to improve is my patience and my waiting skills, finally she came and I can still visualize each and every thing she is entering through that automatic doors of that mall, a blow of air on her face , her hair moving from her head to face and then she saw me and smiled, she was wearing a grey t-shirt and a black jeans and she was looking absolutely stunning, I can still hear the tin-tina-city of the wind chimes when she entered , she was walking and with those curious and inquisitive eyes , she was desperately wanted me a hug from me I can bet on that, but we were in Moradabad there were some limitations , we settle down together , she was silent , avoiding eye contact , I was silent , only watching her, actually admiring her, we both were silent despite of the fact that we use to talk for hours prior to this Date , then she said “ please aise mat dekho yaar’, and I said “ you have the most beautiful eyes in the universe and I can cherish each and every moment admiring your eyes”. The day we actually elaborated the meaning of “Rock on”….

PS:- All the character of this story are fictious any relation with the real world would be purely coincidental.  issued in public interest

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Anonymous said...

you are a big time dhakkan, kisi bhi ladki ko pyar nahin karna chahiye ,mere yaar, ladki bus train, ek jaati hai doosri aati hai,uski ladki ki kismat kharab hai tere jaise ko nahin pehchaana, chod usse ,aage badh,