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Sunday, March 21, 2010

My other side(MOS)

Hmmm, finally I am back after 7 days , sorry 7 exhausting days, I was in office for an average 16 hours for past week, functioning day in day out, dedicatedly for some rewarding causes, btw I had my second promotion in last eight months, this unexpectedly seems to be the exact situate for me, right now I am probably in haste, because most of my readers are waiting for me to engrave something on anything, but at this very moment I find myself blended with thoughts , I had some plans 7 days back but not right now, so it might be yet another mystifying emotional attyachar for you all …

Trust me guys, I was reviewing myself , the day I came to delhi , I had no plans whatsoever, heaps of achievements, loads of distractions both personally and professionally , but still no remorse , I did everything honestly, I was different, because I had no prior experience for anything , it’s not like that I’ve accomplished everything what I ever wished for …. Nopes not yet, but yes during this span of 18 months, everything is tainted specially my priorities, preferences and along with my ideologies, except one thing, & is still the same, that’s my passion.

My passion for everything ( matbal ki still I am “sanki”) for me, come what may I have the zeal to face it, but don’t have the audacity to accept things(specially defeats and universal facts), I find a rebellion in me enforced by my passion a self belief, this rebellion seems to me ,is on mission ,a mission to change the basic laws of society and human beliefs, These are not the gandhiwaadi tactics which I am talking about, I have a diverse mind set altogether, not that I have lot of brains but I think some other side of my brain Is getting activated every now and then, and that’s when I feel special, let me call this part of my brain as ‘My Other Side” (: MOS).

Now the pattern what I found regarding MOS is that it requires a trigger, that’s when it awakes some other rishi, (like Neo and Mr. Anderson) , most of the people get acquainted with this rishi and the other one, I think the other rishi has one brain too many…

Things are still not clear about it , patterns identified for sure by my cataleptic(unconscious) mind, that’s why I am writing this bullshit, my motive is to identify , how its working, why is thinking this way, when it takes over me, how to control it. Probably this is the reason of my volatility and frequent mood swings and this unlimited complexity.

Right now I am talking to myself , once again, sitting in a dark room, listening to atif aslam’s interpretation of Michael Jackson’s Billie jean coke studio version, anybody can Google it, writing this crap just to satisfy this Me , to get in touch with MOS, now why I want this meeting coz , an hour ago I was having a very humorous conversation with Miss Y , when suddenly she said “ I don’t know why rishi , the rishi is start talking to initially is overridden by a different person, jisse baat shuru hoti hai woh koi aur hota hai, jisse baat khatam hoti hai who koi aur hota hai”,this was happened fourth time in past 6 days when somebody said somewhat similar statements to me, it’s not that I am psycho with split personality disorder or something like that, but yes there is something uncontrollable, it might be some normal thing or a paranormal if not otherwise. I am sure most of my readers would be thwarted after reading this, but this is what I want to do right now, I am doing it, I don’t have any dilemma in publishing it, I don’t know what I wanna prove and to whom? No idea boss.*imagine raman shahi reading this blog and after reading he started throwing my belongings out of this room, and I can visualize if my X reading this and jumping on a bed and celebrating the feeling of “just got saved” and yelling “yahoooooooooo”……..

I think i should sleep now, and let my other side sleep as well!!!


RC said...


!!tell me ur dreams!! by gyan RDS :)

story is interesting.. but need more details here.. specially about mood swings.. am sure it wud be interesting..

hey Mr MOS... donot bother my friend

Simi said...

Oh MOS dis is nothing he is DCOM(Deadly combination of Matrix)that is rishi.