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Sunday, March 14, 2010

My first Poem( gosh old memories)

Guys , this is my first poetic attempt way back in 2008, when i first felt something for someone, offcourse this was so precious , not any more, i can share it with  you all now.... i have many of these , so my readers if you feel the expression from this one below i have some more to follow....

My love for you came without warning

Now that I don’t pretend

My love for you will never falter,

It will never have an end

My love for you is greater than the world

Has ever seen

Our love is the purest love

that there has ever been

I will never make you cry

Or put sorrow in your life

I will not rest until the day

That I make you my wife

I had never felt for anyone

The way I feel for you

And with all of my heart

For as long as I live

My love will be most true

No other girl compares to you

For the beauty is in everything you do

I’ve loved you from the start

Ever since that fate full day

You came and stole my heart away.

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