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Friday, February 26, 2010

My first love is Music rest:its complicated...

“When you love someone,

You’ll do anything,

You’ll do all the crazy things that you can’t explain

You’ll shoot the moon,

Put out the sun,

When you love someone,

You’ll deny the truth,

Believe a lie

There’ll be times that you’ll believe you can really fly,

But your lonely nights have just begun,

When you love someone.

You feel it deep inside,

And nothing else could ever change your mind,

When you love someone”

Now, what these lines are actually “influencing” Romance? No! Sadness? No! Betrayal? No! Passion? No! Emotion? May be! Fantasy ? up to some extent! Music?... Music? 100 % yes!, one can actually feel music in the above lines , that’s what I feel. After so many observations and perception I can candidly conclude that Music is an entity which is a rider for me , this is the only thing which I can consider mine , nobody can take this away from me, or me from music( except Raman, jisko mere gaane se zyada apni neend pyaari hai),Music is something which won’t “Move on” , when everybody else can “Rock On”…

See , this Is not going to be an essay ,rather a confession or a self realization for what I want, what actually Influence me , what actually drives me crazy ( more than her), if I were ever get an opportunity for a wish to make I would rather go for music than her. Yes she was important part for my past 1 and half year , even she made me ignore my love( I am talking about music) , now I can actually believe on a filmy dialogue “ if you love something and it goes away and if it comes back then it is always your love else it was never yours”, now I can realize that there were two angels around my head (exactly what you are thinking one wearing white long dress , white feathers around with right advice always and second one wearing black dress , two horns , two long tooth’s the bad evil ). I guess she was sent from this bad evil , one attractive mirage (like a beautiful island in a hot desert), she never liked my voice , she always felt irritated , finds my voice as most exasperating one, she never feels the expression out of it , she never appreciated my music , always demotivated me by comparing it to others when she was supposed to understand what it means to me, well whatever, slow and steady wins the race, this is the rise of the white angel , the good evil.(don’t laugh, but while writing this blog I am listening to himesh reshamiya and I actually feel Aashiq banaya aapne is a nice song and found aapki kashish even better) that’s what happen when you love someone . Trust me guys , I think we should appreciate this guy(himesh reshamiya), despite of his nose, he is able hit high nodes with awesome control, if anybody understands music or actually like listening songs go for aap ki kashish end part, , when guitar take over in rocking fashion, a sargam transposing with western style “allaap “,then a romantic violin with drum, a typical fusion of romantic lyrics in hard voice and at the end you should raise the volume because drumming is awesome. A sheer genius , it’s not like I am comparing him with AR Rehman, but this is my eternal appreciation for music, I think I can understand music even better now, thanks to you miss X . Infact I am not boasting myself, the day I broke up with her (final encounter with my last love story) I was with Miss Y , then suddenly I started singing “ kya se kya ho gaya”, then “ milke bhi hum na mile” and then “ sach keh raha hai deewana” . at that point I realized what exactly I was missing from my life, that’s music , I was singing , trust me guys I was singing from my heart, there was feel in the song, Miss Y was almost mesmerized , she said rishi you are back , this is it, you should take this thing seriously , you have to nurture your talent.( bechara raman ha ha ha) , I am happy now, trust me guys , I think I am changing , changing for good….

Thank you Miss X and Mr. Bad Evil, this is all because of you dudes I am able to do, what I really want….


Aman said...

kamal kar dita sir ji. Music launch kar do ab to :)

RDS said...

Will do surely...right now let me enjoy Mohit chauhan..
Naa hai yeh paana ,Naa khona hi hai..

tanu said...

I have told u this on face as well...this one seems to be a complete reverse of the one u wrote earlier..perhaps ur first one..

itni lumbi drawbacks ki list chepi hai apni X ki...matlab ab wo saath nhi to...vomiting all bhadaas..

RISHI the gyan guru.. said...

Thanks for your comment, but i think you took it otherwise, she was the best thing ever happened to my life, i can still feel something for her, yes she made me forget the music in me, probably she was the music for me, her eyes were so pretty that i can feel the tunes in every stare of her...

See no body is perfact, she made some compromise ,so do i. we as a couple accepted each other despite of imperfactions, whatever it was, was the best the best time of my life and i cannot forget her for the rest of my life.

I think this is the right time to post some thing for her!!!

Raman said...

Nice try once again...But please try to stick to what you started writing....You started with something else and then came to Himesh Chacha and pata nahin kya kya???? And it has been happening everytime. You start some other topic and then divert somewhere else. Vaise nice try and it's gud to know that u're trying to get ur love(Music) back. But beware, Mr. Bad Evil is still around.....:-)

Simi said...


Simi said...

The way u wrote makes you impressive and u r truely awesum to express your feelings here and making it so delightful which really make us think about it.
There are few people who can express their feelings in this way.

Truely u deserve a round of applause.

RISHI the gyan guru.. said...

Simi and Raman, i appreciate your comments , yes you both deserve a post from my side , thats my vaada, but yes i need some time , as i have to wrap up some unfinished business...
I hope you both know the fact that this is the only communication channel i have....