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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Whats your IDEA sir ji?

 Whats your idea sirji???

Guys as you all know I am a confused person and this manuscript below is going to mark a stamp on it, I left the home in a jovial mood, I turned on this machine, saw my blog ( it has some ghost inside it) and it is hypnotizing me to write something, anything, but at this frame of mind what can I write , I have nothing to write, my thought process is neutral(in fact numb), still I am searching for a topic to start. As I am not a reader, probably I need to override my techniques and need improvisation by asking you all the correct suggestion.

In many aspects of my life, I’m a patient person. I can wait for cookies to cool so they don’t burn my mouth. I can buy clothes off season, knowing it’ll be months before I wear them. I love things to be kept in bank. For some reason, this doesn’t apply to my reading skill.

When I buy a book(once in a blue moon), I often don’t even make it out of the store before I start reading. It drives me crazy, mostly I’ll judge a book by its cover (always end up to some computer magazine) when I found a book I like, I’ll read to the exclusion of everything else. Luckily, my read speed is good so I have basic idea about all the books. It’s not that I don’t want to read a book, yes I am, yes I want to be a reader, but I don’t want to buy a book, love to borrow a book

That is also why I love eBooks (freely available) with the instant and unlimited access to novels, studies, documentaries and researches. I don’t need to hoard books. I can arrange a book at three in the morning.

And that is why the week offs are the stressful time for me.

You see, I’m a lucky boy. I have quite a few friends and family members. They all know I’m a romantic guy. They tend to give me what I love… (Don’t ask me what)

I have so many books at my home I want to read them all… NOW and AT THE SAME TIME. That’s impossible. I’ve never been able to read more than one book at a time. I mix up plots and names, recently I was going through 5 point someone (thanks to 3 idiots), just because of this movie so many idiots turned into a reader and yet I don’t find myself among them.

So I’ll have to make some rough decisions. I’ll have to decide which novel to read first. Last year, I divided the pile without looking at the titles. I still had to decide on the order of that smaller pile but it didn’t create as much anxiety.

I know there are some readers out there with massive TBR (to be read) piles. I’m bagging you for advice. How do you decide the order? Do you read the first book received first? Do you order them alphabetically? Are you a random reader? What is your technique?

It feels as if I have to decide my answer to the same question over and over again. This déjà vu can be quite bothersome, especially when I’ve realized that I’ve really have been here before. But things are not quite the same as they once were. It could be helpful to make a list of what is the same, what is similar and what is different. Once I’ve isolated why this situation seems so familiar, I’ll be better equipped to make a sound decision based upon what's really going on in this moment.

I don’t what exactly I mean with this blog, but at last I can say that I am so so confused, it’s like I want scream right now, kya likhna chahta tha aur kya kya likh gaya…


Aman said...

after reading this post even I am confused wether I should congratulate you or read this post again!!!

RISHI the gyan guru.. said...

ya ,Aman i jsut saw it again, its something really confusing , probably this is reflecting my state of mind...

Am i became a freak?? or am i really good in expressing the expression till my heart & mind out?

Am i a mind or just heart???