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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Rishi Reloaded

Guys I am back , some of the friends actually wants me to write more on anything if not personal. Feb is almost finished, and this Feb I did whatever humanly possible to go beyond boundaries to achieve success in your goals(aur yaahan par main pahaad todne ki hi baat kar raha hoon), upto some extent I am successful, however results are not favourable(sach bolun to fail hi raha), but as far as experience is concerned , I deserve a pat on my back.

I can actually feel a different me(Rishi version 2.0) , reloaded with bucket full of tricks and exploring the new survival techniques( ha ha ha badi badi baatein).I understanding relationships and human values( si am feeling lucky) ,I’ve started photography as well(i can fetch expressions), Specially I can sense that I can write as well not like Chetan Bhagat or Sulman Rushdie but I can write my own satanic verses in my own special way( ab main likhunga to thoda tha different hoga hi).I am not into books , reading and all, but almost every near and dear one of mine is a Reader, My best friend Anurag( ek blog is par bhi likhunga), he is really a book worm, my room partner raman,”Raman is an alien when it comes to books, pata nahin kab koi book start karta hai kab khatam, roz uske haath mein ek different kitaab dekh sakte hain, now the most fascinating thing about this guys is the time management, he is in office for more then 10 hours, a routine call of 2 hours for her girlfriend, kyunki who mera room partner hai to use ghar bhi saaf karna padta hai,khana banana padta hai, darwaaze pe koi aaye to usko bhi attend karta hai , means he is not an ordinary man, come on ,he is on 54th level of Farmville( guys this is an achievement)he has to manage his farm, his fish needs his pamper in Fish world, uski coffees and cakes in cafĂ© world, aur in sab kaam ke baad inka Sarkaar Raaj in Mafia Wars, you guys can actually calculate the time by yourself as Facebook is getting an up gradation for every week or two. Agar Raman yeh padh raha hai to usko pata chal jayega that I really understand his responsibilities and I appreciate all of his day utilization, A room Partner like me and a job like iyogi, time passes like Farmville , girl friend like ………(beep beep beep beep no comments) is certainly lend him a life time achievement award, trust me on that”( oops I am deviated from my topic)

So in short most of the people around me are literature-o-holic , so I am an exception among them, still I’ll try to compete with them, because all of them are readers and not writers , so consider this post as a letter of declaration that I will write some meaningful text for you all, for some of you and for public demand I will write my last love story part 1( I really need some mood for it) and will complete Delhi 6 in near future( as I cannot forget that Picture perfect day at all) .

At the end , I also wants to admit that you all can sense some different shades of mine and some bitter truth, so what if nobody is interested , still I appeal you guys to post your comments on every instance. This was all about” I “, and I really love “I”…..


Aman said...

good one. will like to see more :)

RDS said...

"Bada hai toh behtar hai" is it applicable mr. Aman?

Anonymous said...

I like the blog very much but i am upset Rishi the great u didnt write about me.
Sabke baare mein likha tune but mere baare mein nahi..this is very bad,