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Friday, February 12, 2010

Delhi 6

Delhi 6

Hmm, where to start… last two days of my life were very eventful, so many things happened, I’ve been places, a long awaited break up finally happened and I close many open chapters of my life,before that I would like to thank all of my friends and readers, who actually appreciated my last blog, don’t worry this one would be small and as short as possible, actually the last blog took 6 long hours in making, I guess its pretty late now , and I think I am about to sleep. I am sorry this one is not going to be a SENTI (but boring rather).I was in no mood to write this but main itne saare characters se mila hoon ki I should right something.

For those readers who actually need to know about my last girlfriend and my Last Love Story Part 1, I am afraid you all need to wait until I am getting senti. This blog is all about my experiences and mujhko nahin pata iska naam maine Delhi 6 kyun rakha. Also I will try not to repeat myself in terms of writing style, its going to be a small story for you all.

This was the second incidence when I actually felt good about Delhi, (first one off course when “she” was around) .Delhi has something special Feel inside in its roots, yesterday I was at Patel nagar, Mukherjee nagar( God Bless this place),Old Rajendra Nagar, Connaught place, Jan path and almost every Metro station in between, for transportation I had rickshaws, cabs , lifts( ek dum filmi estyle) , Blue line buses( God save Common wealth games in presence of these monsters) and few kilometers of Pad –yatra.Today I had a sheer delight of a road trip from my home to karol bagh on my legendary bike( why its legendary ask Raman Shahi my room partner, he can write one blog daily if not a book).I was there at India gate , President house and some park around it.

Yesterday I wake up in the morning; I was preparing myself for vengeance, as I was determined to finish some unfinished business (my fist of fury towards my X) fir socha chod yaar Rishi , khana kha mast chaddar taan aur so jaa. Suddenly my phone vibrated ,ipsi my friend called me and said” Rishi yaar we are leaving for Mukherjee nagar, do you have any idea about any broker at that place?” My vampire tooth just appeared and without wasting any second I said(actually lied)” haan yaar, absolutely, my x has her new residence over there. I know that place in and out, tu pohonch main 12 baje tak wahan aata hoon” she was pretty confident that rishi is so sure about that place , aur usko aaj ghar dilake hi rahega,they would never got to know that only once I checked this place in google maps, I had an idea about this place that it is small restricted to 1 km area, so I was pretty cool about it. waise guys I used to this thing a lot, mujhe kuch pata ho yaa naa ho, I am always confident about my statements and intuitions.

My motive was , that I could find her (my x) out, these two girls along my side, no body will question me to check the place, so I was all set , left home in haste, ( buy the way I was looking great yesterday, a typical gentleman )and equally stupid today. Well what ever, I finally reached Aazadpur with full on expectations around till 1:45 PM, almost two hours late, till then these two girls ipsi and her friend garima already had many handful brokers there and seen almost every small spaces( which brokers call living heaven and we call “astabal”) as available houses for rent.I called her , as expected first letters were “ kameene tu to 12 baje aane waala tha”main chup kya kehta I said the best excuse available and ever green one “traffic dost traffic, tujhko pata hai maine kuch khaya bhi nahin subah se, Dost!!!” ipsi said” chal chal ab nautanki band kar aur ek kaam kar” Batra” aaa ja” maine kaha OK, at that point of time I thought it would be some hospital or something which in turn resulted into a Cinema Hall. Bingo!! This I s the place I was hoping to reach there are 4 IAS institutes in this building, then I checked the place completely rotating to my own axis , I found 11 more, still I was Ok and never bothered to check behind it. I called ipsi she said “ I am checking this one more house I would be there in next 5- 10 minutes” ab ipsi ne bola 5- 10 minute ( jo last mein Aadha ghanta ban gaye), maine socha chalo zara is zagah ko dekha zaye…Bas yahi mera khwabo Ka mahal toot gaya, This place is humongous, trust me its huge , it has more then 50 – 60 IAS coaching institutes , over 50 thousand students, yahan to kisi ko bhi dhoond paana is impossible , I mean it it’s impossible. Then suddenly I realized that what exactly these kids are thinking, everybody wants to be an IAS officer, bloody hell , they all are confident , they all look like geeks , they all are talking to themselves, these are different creatures, how can they manage a society when they are not the part of it, this is where India is lacking, I am afraid this can become a questionable topic in my blog , but there is a need of serious modification in selection criteria. I think government should take a preliminary test for their EQ and IQ for further preparation. I met over 10 people out there each one was preparing for past 3-4 years and most of them were still planning to prepare essays on their next attempt. Most of them were graduate, some were post graduate and one had doctorate as well. At this point of time I feel very uneducated also I realized that I had a relationship with such type of species as my girlfriend, I guess this could be one good reason to leave me. Infact agar mujhe pata hota ki bhai itna competition hai to shayad main usse pehle hi bol deta ki “ jaanu isse pehle ki tum vilupt ho jao, mujhe kripa karke aagya dein”

Khair , itne mein ipsi batra aati hai aur as expected kehti hai” main is jungle mein nahin reh sakti yaar, rishi I am leaving for Hudson bay , tera plan bata” mera kyat ha, I was already disappointed , socha Delhi to aaya hi hoon, kyun naa ek baar vaaji ram institute bhi jhaank liya jaaye, to ipsi ko kaha tata bye bye aur main aa gaya metro station .

Mera shaitani dimaag fir chala, socha yaar its been over 3 months , agar ekdum se surprise visit di, to panga ho sakta hai boss hence I decided to call some assistance for any kind of Scene , I was so proactive that I haven’t thought at once ki meri X wahan shayad ho hi naa, .

Hey bhagwaan!!! peechle 20 minute se likh raha hoon , yeh kaafi lamba ho gaya hai doston , aage to kaafi hilarious cheezein hui,kaise humnein janpath pe chori ki, mere naye dost Rex ne smoking Pipe kaise liya, kaise metro mein ek bande ka cartoon banaya, Kaise finally mera break up hua,kaise main bike se delhi pohoncha, kaise mujhe , pratyush ,neelu ko parliament house se bhagaya gaya, kaise atif aslam ke concert ka ticket black kiya, this will take another 5 – 6 pages. I think I should sleep , perhaps kal parson isko poora kar dunga…


Anonymous said...

Rishi dost , tum kitaab bhi likh sakte ho, i was actually waiting for My last Prem kahani ka Part 1, isme woh senti rishi nahin hai, aur jab itna lambalikh hi diya tha to thoda aur lamba likh dete kya zaa raha tha.
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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Survival group against God?? LOL. Good luck with that. Truth is, no one knows the exact time this will happen except the man upstairs, however, I firmly believe that there are people placed here by God that post the warning signs and it's up to you to take heed.
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Deepika said...

Rishi, what has happened to an anecdote, if you sharing it with your friends, this might would have worked but not as a blog my friend. People have high expectations with you now. The situations were, at many places, were not synchronized :( the story was left untold, incomplete :( disappointing. People used to enjoy your blogs, the flow was so great that it used to bind people till the very end, and trust me it happened here but not because of the flow but because hoping that now the story might catch some grip. But whatever it is, as a friend I think you had a great day and I would love to hear all this in person once am back. :)All the best.