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Friday, July 24, 2009


Long time back somewhere I read Osho talking about the difference between Kabeer and Buddha. He said Buddha is difficult to understand for common people because in order to think how he reached enlightenment - or even just to observe it; it's mandatory for the mind to know what it means to be a Prince. Same goes for Lord RAM also. Mere mortals struggling in their day to day life may pretend to understand but it's like knowing for the sake of knowing. Believing what you heard.To understand buddha is to like go through the OXFORD HARVARD and read technical papers and scripts of Harappan Civilization.Kabeer and Bhulle Shan on the other hand were common people like us. They were no princes who had lots of things to give up, weren't educated nor previliged - for them day to day life was business and business was worhsip and a way to god. They were enlightened souls and their way to reach the GOD was though daily chores. Who else can convey such strong messages in such simple words."Padh Padh ilm hazaar kitaaba, kadhi apne aap nu padaya nahija ja padte mandir masjid, kabhi man apne padaya nahi""Masjid dha de, mandir dha de, dha de jo kucch daindaPar kisi da dil na dhain, Rab dilan vich rehnda""Mulla tay mashaalchi dohaan ikko chitLoukan karday chananan, aap anhairae vich"All shades of emotion exist in the words. Every emotion for the lover and the lover is immortal."Naiharva Hum Ka Na Bhave Sai Ki Nagri Param Ati Sundar, Jahan Koi Jav Na Avey Chand Suraj Jahan, Pavan Na Pani, Ko Sundesh Pahunchave Dard Yeh Sai Ko Sunave Agey Chalo Panth Nahin Sujhe, Peeche Dosh Lagawe Kehi Bidhi Sasure Jau Mori Sajani, Virha Jor Jarawe Vishai Ras Nach Nachawe Bin Satguru Apno Nahin Koi, Jo Yeh Rah Batawe Kahat Kabira Suno Bhai Sadho, Supne Na Pitam Awey Tapan Yeh Jiya Ki Bujhawey"
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